Web designer gets revenge on client, replaces site with image of unpaid invoice

Digital Arts | 25 January 13

One web designer has found a seemingly perfect way to get revenge on a client who she says hasn't paid its bill.

Every designer or artist has at least one client who refuses to pay their invoices on time. One web designer has found a way to get revenge on a client who hasn't paid their bill, as she appears to have replaced two of their sites (screengrab above) with a copy of the unpaid invoice.

The invoice is to the Caribbean Dutch Pot Restaurant in Gwynn Oak, a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland in the US. It's for a website, logo and marketing campaign for the restaurant's Baltimore Reggae Jerk Festival last summer at the nearby Woodlawn Memorial Park. Both the Baltimore Reggae Jerk Festival and Carribean Dutch Pot Restaurant websites have been replaced by the invoice. A Facebook page for the festival still exists, so it appears that this isn't just a very funny hoax. The restaurant is listed on TripAdvisor, though the single review is rather negative.

The site is registered to a Julie Williamson in Baltimore. We've contacted her to confirm the story and find out more. We will update this story when she responds.


Hilarious! said: i would have redirected the site to meatspin. hey until they pay their bill the hoster can do what he wants with the site.

Mat Haddin said: may not be legal... but fair enough....

Gravatargmail said: If anything, looks like a good way to incite a lawsuit.

KreativGeeks said: I think its a bad practice to show Invoice on their website as it will effect their client image. But we can disable their website and maybe show Website Maintenance message till Client clear the payment.

lanotdesign said: totally something to consider, but I'm with Nicole, still need to verify if this is legal.

Nicole said: I can totally understand that and it's a good idea, though I'm wondering if that's ok legally?

David Bradforth said: Hmm.. it's inspirational. Something i'd consider for a web client who didn't pay...