Adobe's latest Lightroom update adds new tools and iPad Pro support

Mobile app gains shoot-through presets and support for Apple's mega tablet and iOS 9's multitasking capabilities

Someone at Adobe must have taken note of Pete Fowler’s iPad Pro review.  The company has just updated Lightroom for mobile on iOS to take greater advantage of the opportunities that Apple’s mega tablet offers to creatives.

Among these are the new power on iPad Pros (and other iPads) to use the Slide Over functionality so that you can quickly interact with other apps without having to switch apps, one of the points that Pete raised.

There are new photo manipulation tools too, such as a new finer control for the Tone Curve (pictured)

In his review, Pete included Lightroom for mobile as part of “an iOS toolset in [its] infancy”.

So has this update from Adobe enabled its mobile digital darkroom to grow up?

Lightroom is now optimised to work on an iPad Pro, and to also support the new multitasking functionality in iOS 9.

On iPads and iPad Pros, Lightroom for iOS 2.1 enables the Slide Over functionality so that you can quickly interact with other apps without having to switch apps.

It also offers Split View so that you can run two apps at once, such as reading a tutorial while working within Lightroom.

With Lightroom for iOS 2.1, you can also use 3D touch on the home screen to open the camera directly or in the collection view to Peek and Pop an image, to quickly check which image you'd like to edit before moving into the Loupe view.

The update also adds a Notification Center widget that lets you quickly open the camera found within Lightroom for mobile.

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There’s a new camera capture feature - shoot-through presets.

It lets you preview and capture images in real-time with a preset applied, but the enhancements are non-destructive.

Adobe said this means you can see what your photo will look like with the preset applied before you capture it, capture the photo with the preset already applied, and then adjust or even remove the effect from the photo, all without losing any quality along the way.

The original image and the edits are synchronised with your other mobile devices, Lightroom on the web, and Lightroom on your Mac or PC. 

This update adds the Point Curve mode for the Tone Curve tool.

The mode offers full control over the curve, as well as direct access to each of the colour channels.

This level of control previously has only been available in Adobe’s desktop apps, so it’s a welcome addition.

The Split Toning adjustment tool makes it possible to add a different tint or tone to both the highlights and shadows of your photo. 

This effect can add artistic and stylistic enhancements with colour photos, or recreate an effect that was more traditionally used in black and white photography.

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