Adobe Creative Cloud-connected Moleskine ready for iPhone illustrators

Adobe and notebook maker Moleskine have launched a new creative solution that combines both paper and digital workflows.

Previewed last month at Adobe MAX, Adobe and Moleskine are offering users a Creative Cloud branded Moleskine notebook for sketching and a mobile companion app to capture the drawings, allowing them to be worked on further in Creative Cloud versions of Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

The new toolset condenses the creative process into a few simple steps and is powered by the Adobe Creative SDK.

It allows users to draw in the Creative Cloud connected Moleskine Smart Notebook and capture their creations using the free companion app - though it's intended for iPhone use only.

Moleskine's concept for the app is drawn from the fact that many creative thinkers say their best ideas come to them when they’re on the move. The initial stages of the creative process often occur offline, out of the studio or in transit. Sketching on a paper notebook is immediate, and can even be done on a crowded train, and the idea quickly transferred into the digital space thereafter.

The page markers in the corners of the notebook assist the pre-processing and the optimisation of the image. Moleskine suggests that black ink and markers tend to work best, and that users sketch their ideas using broad strokes as opposed to shading.

Laid flat, the notebook page is captured by the Moleskine app utilising the iPhone camera.

The preprocessing settings are specifically developed to detect the orientation of the page, correct perspective and alignment distortions. Filters can be set to correct the images according to the lighting condition during the capturing or the technique or tool used for drawing.

The image is then synced to the user's Creative Cloud Assets folder in JPG and SVG file formats. It can then be opened and edited in Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator for the final stages of the design process.

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Moleskine VP of brand equity and communication Maria Sebregondi, says the notebook company doesn't see a conflict between digital and analogue tools.

“With our fans actively posting their Moleskine creations online, for us the digital realm is another open platform for creativity and self-expression,” she said. “Rather than make our fans choose between analogue and digital, they should be able to navigate both seamlessly.

The Moleskine App is available now from Apple's iTunes App Store