Dedicated iPad version of Enlight released today

Lightricks has made Enlight universal for iOS, tweaking the heal tool and adding ability to animate sessions 

Lightricks has released a dedicated version of Enlight for the iPad today and upgraded the iOS photo-editing app's workflow

The update comes complete with new device-specific features and with system upgrades across iOS.

Updates to the £3.99 iPad version include upgrades to the Heal tool, and a more seamless workflow for users in Instafit, Duo Filter, Target, Tilt-shift, Crop and Re-fit, enhancing the overall user experience, said the Israeli startup.

Also new is the ability to animate sessions in order to capture a creative process, and share it with others.

“The response to Enlight has been phenomenal, with many telling us it changed the way they take and edit pictures on mobile," said Zeev Farbmen, Co-Founder and CEO of Lightricks. "The main feedback we got from our users is requesting Enlight for iPad, and today we are answering that demand."

"Surpassing a million paid downloads in four months is a testament to the power of our product," said Itai Tsiddon, Co-Founder of Lightricks. "We are pushing the envelope of creativity on mobile, and setting new standards for what can be achieved on these devices. There is a perception that users are hesitant to pay for apps – Enlight and Facetune show that when offered high quality products, users are happy to do so."

Enlight for iPad is available today exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

Enlight offers artistic tools such as Painting, which transforms a photo into oil or water paint rendering, with dozens of style options to choose from.

Like every Enlight filter, intensity of the effect can be adjusted with a swipe of the finger. 

The Black & White tool offers a range of preset filters, effects, features and tools, including the ability to emulate the camera filter, lay colour filters on top of black and white filters, and alter the effect intensity.  

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The new iPad version include upgrades to the Heal tool, enabling users to fix defects and clone parts of an image with greater accuracy.

Settings allow a wide range of parameters to be set for photos, presets and sessions, including for the Animated sessions feature.

This is a new ability in Enlight to animate sessions in order to capture the creative process.

Another clever feature, Mixer, overlays and superimposes multiple images together, with tools for seamlessly blending separate images using your fingertips. 

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Enlight offers universal masking available through the entire app.

Mask allows for applying or removing effects within a region of interest, allowing for precise control in changes to specific areas of the canvas

It can be used with tools such as Duo, a feature that enables the application of different gradient filters to two separate parts of an image, allowing for a range of creative results.