Moleskine's Timepage calendar iPhone and Apple Watch app organises your life stylishly

Designed to help Moleskine fans organise their time and projects, the iOS app synchronises calendars, weather, maps and more.

Moleskine has launched a Calendar app for iOS, aimed at the ever-growing Apple Watch and iPhone market.

Moleskine Timepage synchronises multiple providers to one well-designed interface. Integration with weather, maps, contacts and platforms such as Uber, is intended to be as seamless as paging through a book, said the company.

The app is compatible with iOS 8 and runs on iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus and Apple Watch. You'll also need a calendar account with iCloud, Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange 2007 (with EWS).

It costs £3.99 from the iTunes App Store

The app represents a calendar as a continuous timeline without segregation of months.

Users can see their schedule at a glance by day or week, freely navigating back and forth by swiping left and right. Moleskine said it offers 'a natural journal of user history stretching through time'.

Empty days are presented with equal visual weight as full days, displaying 'This Day In History' information.

The timeline can be personalised, by choosing the number of days shown or choosing to shade alternate weeks, weekends or the past.

The company said, that unlike traditional monthly calendar layouts, which only show indicators of future events in tiny boxes, the app represents future days with the full name and time of the events.

Information about the physical world is tightly threaded with time throughout the app; Moleskine said people and places are connected with the context in which they will be experienced.

Tailored weather forecasts for time and place are shown on event screen, to help users dress accordingly.

You can choose to show the actual temperature or the 'feels like' temperature that accounts for wind chill factor, while humidity, wind and rainfall are displayed down to the minute on the day screen.

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The app gets directions from Apple Maps or Google Maps.

Places are automatically suggested from Google Places and the location map is integrated into event details

You can also view transit time estimates for walking, cycling, driving and public transport (where available) or launch Uber to book a driver

Apple Watch features include the ability to view your schedule for the next week, see detailed weather information with daily rain and temperature graphs and get walking, cycling, driving and public transport estimates for your events.

As well as a offering a map of your event locations, there is a Glance view that shows how long until your next appointment, how long it'll take to get there and where it is.

In addition, event reminders will gently tap you on the wrist.

Nothing is stored on Moleskine servers - all data is synced directly with the provider (iCloud, Google or Exchange) and cached on your personal device.

“As a company devoted to the design of tools for creative professionals and knowledge workers, we’re thrilled to be adding another piece to our analogue/digital portfolio, " said CEO of Moleskine Arrigo Berni. "Our aim is to offer tools for an ever more productive organization of time, projects and ideas, filling the analogue/digital divide."

“Moleskine Timepage is just the next logical step from organising notes, sketches and ideas, to organising time and projects.”

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