Procreate 2.1 'Fire' offers new colour tools and support for Paper and Pencil iPad styluses

Savage Interactive has reimagined a suite of tools for Procreate 2.1 ('Fire') and teamed up with Paper and Pencil developer FiftyThree.

“The Procreate 2.1 ‘Fire’ update has integrated Pencil support using the newly released SDK by FiftyThree,” says Savage Interactive CEO James Cuda. “Artists can use the natural fluidity of Pencil’s tool-switching with the power of Procreate’s brush, smudge and eraser system”

Among the new tools is an OpenGL-powered colour wheel, which allows artists to rapidly choose and explore colours.

Designed for use with a finger or stylus, the colour wheel allows artists to slide around the hue ring, and pinch-zoom the saturation disc to enlarge it for finer colour picking granularity.

The company also appears to have commissioned some very fine artwork to show off the aspects of the new app, which is available from today for iOS.

ImageSummoner Apprentice by Asuka111

ColorDrop reference is a new, non-destructive method in Procreate 2.1 for filling artwork with colour, designed for cartoonists and inkers.

Ink and line art layers can be tagged as a ColorDrop ‘reference’ source. Two-finger swiping of an ink or line art layer immediately tells Procreate to use the contents of the layer as a reference.

Selecting an alternate layer will then ColorDrop to that layer. The system gives inkers and cartoonists flexibility to keep their line art safe and their colour layers separate.

Image: Wrong Turn by Jonathan Gesinski

Procreate 2.1 features a new numerical colour entry interface. Artists can now modify their exact RGB and HEX colour values – which the company claims in an essential addition for artists and designers on the move.

The app also comes with a completely redesigned swatch organiser. Simply tap to make a new swatch, or pick up the swatch and ‘throw away’ to delete it.

Swatches can now be grouped into Swatch palettes. Swatch palettes allow artists to easily store, name and share colour harmonies with other artists. To enable this, Savage Interactive has created an Open Document fiile format (.swatches).

The app is available today, for iOS.

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