1,500 slices of real cheese used to animate 'The Circle of Cheese'

Digital Arts | 22 January 14

Design and animation studio PlusOne has created a stop-motion animation for dairy company FrieslandCampina that's super-cheesy (literally).

The Amsterdam-based studio used 1,500 slices of real cheese to animate 'The Circle of Cheese,' a two-minute stop-motion animation that tells the story of how cheese is made, and demonstrates how eating cheese can benefit your body.

The team used water cutting techniques to precisely cut all 1,500 slices into shapes such as people, cows and bicycles, that were then be placed in front of one another to create the animation.

"Cheese is quite a difficult material to work with," said the project's director Cas Prins. "It's fragile and unstable, so we needed to come up with some creative solutions to make it work. So we built a custom set on a 45 degree angle so that it would give more stability."

If you, like us, are wondering what happened to the cheese afterwards, the sad news is that the majority had to be thrown away because it was no longer safe to consume after being water cut by machinery that normally cuts out metal parts. However, you'll be pleased to hear that the round, foiled cheeses used in the film were taken home by the crew after the shoot. They had cheese sandwiches for lunch for weeks.

To find out more about how PlusOne painstakingly created the 'The Circle of Cheese', watch the 'Making of' video below.

Since starting up in 2009, PlusOne has worked with various clients including Grolsch, Nike, Lotto and Volvo.


Nicolas said: Roger that, Andy. Carole seems like lots of fun at parties.

Andy said: It certainly looks like Katachi has been an inspiration for the creatives, but to say that the technique has been stolen... What, stop motion? So the directors of Katachi were the first to use this technique?

Carole said: The real sad news is that the technique and overall idea for this animation was simply stolen by so called "creatives" from the directors of "Katachi" music video. Everyone knows that The Netherlands has great depression, but this was really low.