Michelin's CrossClimate tyre ad features a menacing set of CG weather villains

You'll be forgiven for thinking this new Michelin ad is a trailer for a Hollywood animated movie.

To launch Michelin's new CrossClimate tyres, agency TBWA turned to the Andy's group of Parisian filmmakers.

The award-winning directors responded by creating a trio of climate titans who threaten a city, working with boutique animation studio WIZZdesign, which produces commercials and music videos in Paris.

The CG weather villains, Titan Blizzard, Titan Celsius, and Titan Hurricane, menace a family caught in their path, before the destructive demons are faced down by the Michelin Man.

The team entered new territory by making something that looks to be on the same level as completely CG movies familiar from the Pixar, the Sony and Dreamworks roster. 

The challenge was matched by the deadline, which was scheduled for advertising, not cinema.

In this gallery, you can see the concept designs created by the artists for the ad.

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