Autodesk kills Softimage, 2015 version to be the last

Digital Arts | 05 March 14

Autodesk discontinues Softimage, confirming widespread rumours about the software's demise.

Autodesk on Tuesday announced that, after the 2015 version set to ship in April, it will no longer support Softimage, confirming the rumours that began last month suggesting that the company would soon kill the 3D modelling and animation software.

"We regret to inform you that the upcoming 2015 release will be the last one for Softimage software," Autodesk writes on its website. "This final version is expected to ship on or around April 14, 2014. Autodesk will continue to offer product support until April 30, 2016."

Autodesk says that it will offer Softimage support services to all Softimage customers with Autodesk Subscription for two years, but, as of 28 March 2014, customers will be unable to purchase a new standalone license for the software.

The aim is to move customers to Autodesk's Maya or 3ds Max software. Customers with an Autodesk Softimage Subscription will now be offered the option to migrate to Maya or 3ds Max for free, while still having the ability to use Softimage if needed. There are also upgrade paths available for any customer who owns the software, but doesn't have a subscription.

"Although this decision is a difficult one, we do believe that by focusing our development efforts, we can better serve the needs of the media and entertainment industry and provide customers with better products faster," Autodesk insists. "Autodesk wants to continue its relationship with you into the future. We regret any inconvenience that this may cause."

In a PDF Q&A release, Autodesk continues: "We need to innovate faster while balancing our investment in the development of features and functionality needed to support new and existing customer workflows. We did not make the decision lightly. Many factors were taken into consideration during the decision making process, including the impact on the Softimage user base. Although the decision is a difficult one, we do believe that by doing this we can better serve the needs of the industry as a whole and provide customers with better products."

Autodesk purchased Softimage, which was a competitor to its Max and Maya software, in 2008 at a cost of $35 million. It was founded in 1986 by filmmaker Daniel Langlois, before going public in 1992 only to be purchased by Microsoft two years later. After another four years in the hands of Microsoft, Avid purchased Softimage. Ten years later, it was finally bought by Autodesk.

During a web conference on Tuesday, an Autodesk representative said that the company made the decision not to sell Softimage on because it now contains too much proprietary Autodesk IP.


someone said: Autoshit is a black hole it sucks everything and kills technology but in the end it is going to implode and disappear..

CKP said: It's not a matter of the developer of said technology but more of the owner of said technology.

Tomas Andreasson said: Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

Lee said: So Autodesk buy up Softimage and bury it out of site under Max and Maya promise everyone they have no intention of killing Softimage, then when the time is right kill it, instead of selling it, It's plain to see Autodesk are the Mob!!! they give some excuse about Softimage having too much proprietary Autodesk IP in it in order to avoid selling it and risk everyone finding out it is better then Max or Maya and competing with them. This whole charade by Autodesk is typical of them, they are scum, just look at how many pieces of software they have bought, buried and killed off, they can't compete so they just swallow the competitor, watch your asses Foundry and Luxology Modo, you'll be next if your not careful.

Lee said: ha ha ha ha well Autodesk certainly did a number on Softimage if this comment is anything to go by.

merica said: RIP XSI you were the best. Maya is still a big clunky 1980 robot compared to you.

Yasine Adalal said: autodesk didn't add anything to softimage?!? what the heck are they latking about?!? lagoa physics wasn't even developed by autodesk.mental ray features are not developped by autodesk.say what let's compare Xsi 7 to softimage 2014.?!? what's the difference? tried to speed up 3D S Max and maya developpement to match XSI.but it didn't even come close.and now you realized it's enough.let's throw it to's Xsi that is so powerful that you couldn't give that awesomeness to a competitor.but prefer not annoy your customer data forcing them to move to Xsi.and say it truully .XSI is prefer killing it and live peacefully

Pete said: SoftImage seemed like it was out of place given Maya and 3DS.What was it for ?

Karthik Rajendran said: The downside of every acquisition :( I've worked with it only a few times, but i did love Softimage.