Buck animates catchy Hive ad for British Gas

Cel and 3D animation used to create fluid hand-drawn style for quirky characters.

This quirky animated advert for British Gas and Hive has captured the attention of TV-watchers throughout January, implanting its catchy song into the minds of those who'll listen.

The 40-second ad was created by production company Buck and advertising agency Chi & Partners, and features a rollerskating elephant, an octopus that also happens to be an origami expert and a jogging tortoise, among other characters.

The accompanying song makes little sense, but it's certainly appealing to youngsters and there's no doubt you'll all be singing, "Hive is busy controlling your heating at home" for the next week or two. We apologise in advance.

You can watch the advert above, and then take a closer look at the characters and how they were animated by using the slideshow controls above and right.

Each character has been depicted in a simple, hand-drawn style with splashes of colour consistent with the Hive brand. The animation - a combination of Cel and 3D - is designed to appear seamless, with the line art flowing from one element to another in a smooth continuous motion.

Right: The Hive advert features several quirky characters including this octopus.

"Nothing sells next generation thermostat control like a conglomerate of cockamamie critters cavorting around the United Kingdom," reads Buck's website.

Right: The octopus then goes on to "have a kickabout with a team of giant trout". Of course.

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Right: The Hive ad's cheerful bird character.

Right: A tortoise being chased by badgers in the park in the Hive ad.

Right: The tortoise joins its fellow tortoises as they fly their pet parrot to Milan.

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Right: And there's Hive controlling the heating at home while Elephants and a mouse are... dancing?