Watch Cosmo: a retro animated sci-fi adventure

Cosmo's monochrome challenge results in a new perspective on space

Montreal-based artistic director Gabriel Aldama and motion designer Pierre-Guilhem Roudet have together created Cosmo: a graphic space journey. It's a lovely piece of animation that evokes a retro feel for space exploration, a seamless odyssey with a heavily monochrome comics theme.

Co-creator Gabriel Aldama is an artistic designer and graphic director.

Among other clients, he has worked for Volkswagen, Via Rail, Radio Canada, Juste pour Rire, Musée des beaux art de Québec, le Stade Olympique de MTL, Rona, Bicom, Jean Leloup, and Alfa Rococo.

The other half of the duo, Pierre-Guilhem Roudet , is a multidisciplinary designer.

His work has taken him from Montréal to New York via Madrid for JayZ, Tiesto, IBM, Le cirque du Soleil, Créa2014 and others.

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The project started with the music, which was composed by Gabriel and Pierre-Guilhem. From here, the film was developed.

To us, it variously evokes 2001: A Space Odyssey, Moebius, the iconography of Blake's Seven, and Neil Young's After the Goldrush though of course it has a great style and look all of its own.