Enjoy some great claymation characters in Beakus' educational films for the Royal Observatory

Amaël Isnard’s latest films reveal the Rosetta space mission and the truth about asteroids

Amaël Isnard of Beakus has created two more films in an educational series of character-packed claymations for the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

Using irreverent graphics and character animation, they answer mind-expanding questions like ‘how big is the universe?’ and ‘how hot is the sun?’.

Isnard’s previous work for the Royal Observatory Greenwich saw 350,000 views on Beakus' Vimeo stream alone.

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One of the films sets out to explain about the Rosetta mission to land a probe on a moving comet.

"Using little more than Plasticene we bring some context to the ground-breaking adventure for teenagers and up," said Beakus.

In Space Rocks ,the team explain everything kids need to know about meteors, asteroids and more.

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Amaël Isnard is an experienced 2D and 3D animator, designer and director, who worked at all the major London studios before touching down at Beakus.