Take a digital trip into music with Fabrica's new promo for Edisonnoside (exclusive)

CdG by Fabrica's Christian Coppe is a digital journey inside the artist’s performance where the musician becomes music himself.

Digital Arts can exclusively reveal CdG, the new music video by Fabrica's Christian Coppe to promote the Spikes EP by Edisonnoside

Electronic musician Davide Cairo, aka Edisonnoside, is a former researcher at Benetton's design research lab/school Fabrica, while the track name references Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, where he composed the track.

Fabrica motion graphic designer Christian Coppe describes CdG as a digital journey inside the artist’s performance.

“The musician becomes music himself in the digital domain,” said Coppe. “The electronic sound signal is a synthetic texture built on a series of complex digital layers breathing through the dark and impulsive sound of the track.”

The music video is a 2D and 3D elaboration of Davide Cairo’s live performance recorded in the Fabrica studio, at the Benetton Group’s communication research centre.

The footage was completely reworked in After Effects, adding layers of dirt and and 3D sequences processed with Cinema 4D. The promo is presented in black and white to emphasise the dark atmosphere of the track.

Christian Coppe said his approach to the promo had been different from his usual methods. “This time I decided to take the camera and literally take the field, not very common for a motion graphic designer,” he explained. “I wanted the live performance to be the core of the video and exalt in it by adding 3D elements."

"The graphics are designed to catch a glimpse of the artist's face, but never in a defined way so that he remains anonymous," added Coppe. "I wish all musicians, who like Davide become one single thing with their music during the performance, could find themselves in that face.”

Coppe also revealed that he first used a shot of his own face to recreate the 3D model. “I then did the same with Davide’s one, but with a completely different aesthetic,” he added.

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If you leave, Coppe's first animation video in collaboration with Manuel Favarin and Davide Cairo, won the Vimeo Staff Pick.

"We decided to work together again one year after the success of If you Leave," said Coppe. "I wanted to recreate, through aesthetic 3D elements, the dark and dirty atmospheres that characterise the track." 

"The live performance of an electronic music composer is often underestimated," continued Coppe. "This is the reason why we decided to show the electronic music being physically 'played'."

"This is also the message that I wanted to emphasise in the video."

Musician Davide Cairo said, "Spikes is an EP born from the need to express the desire to break with the past and move into new sonic directions without forgetting what's been done."

Listen and download the EP album for free on Soundcloud

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