Experience Olympics through the eyes of athletes in Daryl Goodrich's 'Inside The Race'

The film is the centrepiece for the newly renovated Olympic Museum in Switzerland.

Daryl Goodrich, the filmmaker behind the London 2012 Olympic films that Ken Livingstone believes "won us the Olympics", has created 'Inside The Race', the centrepiece for the newly renovated Olympic Museum in Switzerland.

The 6-minute film, commissioned by Centre Screen Productions, is designed to be viewed on the museum's 180-degree screen. It uses captivating visuals and dramatic surround sound to portray the emotions experienced by the athletes participating in the Olympics, demonstrating the competitors' highs and lows, as well as the strength required - both mentally and physically - to succeed in the competition.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to find out how Daryl created the film, which can be viewed at the Olympic Museum in Switzerland. We'll share the video with you as soon as it becomes available, but you can see stills from the film in the following slides. 

The narrative focuses on five different emotions: focus, concentration, pain, desire and determination. In order to create the film, Daryl was given access to the biggest archive of filmed footage of the Olympics. "Our hardest job was the narrowing down over 53 hours of footage, and the search for exactly the right shots for each different part of the narrative," Daryl says in a press release.

"Another consideration was the large screen format, as well as the mix of formats contained within the archive (including black and white, 16mm, Super 8mm)," Daryl adds. "It had to look original, and above all exciting."

Daryl projected the clips against various surfaces to reflect the emotion that part of the story was depicting. Pain, for example, was represented with footage shot against razor blades. "This approach meant that it didn't matter what format the archive footage was in, it would be given a new lease of life and shown in a completely unique light," he explains.

"I always strive to make a film that will make my own hair stand on end, and to get my heart pumping" Daryl concludes. "The filming techniques we used and the 180 degree immersive environment have helped heighten the experience for the visitor to ensure they feel the emotion, intensity and awe-inspiring sensation of being an athlete at the pinnacle of their game, pushing themselves to the edge and beyond." 

Daryl's 'Inspiration' and 'Sport At Heart' films, created for the London 2012 Olympic bid, have won more than 30 international awards, including the New York and IVCA Film Festival's Grand Prix awards. Since then, Daryl has also directed films for Sochi’s winning bid for the 2014 Winter Games and Qatar’s successful campaign to host the 2022 World Cup.

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