Experience a VR Rufus Sewell in RISE demo for Oculus Rift

Check out this real-time 4K demo of the RISE VR experience on the Oculus DK2, unveiled at GDC

Check out this real-time 4K demo of the RISE VR experience on the Oculus Rift DK2.

Unveiled at GDC, RISE is a fully immersive experience from Nurulize that tells the story of a robot uprising from the perspective of a sentient robot agitator.

Directed by David Karlak, it stars Rufus Sewell and Anton Yelchin.

The demo allows participants to take part in a cinematic moment frozen in time. It features real-time display of VFX assets, dynamic physical camera simulation for accurate depth of field and a full 16-bit float scene for dynamic, accurate exposure adjustment.

 Nurulize co-founder Scott Metzger led the team in creating the hyper-realistic virtual world. Starting with the environment captured with FARO LIDAR scans, HDR photography, and 3D character capture from the xxArray, Metzger and Nurulize used enormous data sets to reconstruct the scene in its entirety.

Philip Lunn, CEO of Nurulize said, “All of this technical work and the immense level of detail that we’ve added to the scene and characters in particular, create this truly amazing look that will just blow people away."

"The RISE VR experience is just one of the ways we are experimenting with this exciting technology as we work to build experiences and software solutions that will shape the way we interact and consume media in the future.”

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As well as RISE, Nurulize has developed NuReality: Desert Home, which was showcased at CES in January 2015..

The Desert Home is a uniquely immersive VR environment that transports users into an incredibly detailed California home in the desert.

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