Find out how you came to exist, in Rok Predin's animation, One of a Kind

Trunk director Rok Predin has completed One of a Kind, his most ambitious animated film to date.

One of a Kind (above) is a short film by director Rok Predin that contemplates just how you got here and why you are the person you are: all the people who had to meet, all the tiny acts of fate and chance that had to come together, in order for you to exist, here, right now.

Rok felt that this overwhelming question allowed ample opportunity for lots of humour, sentiment, and beauty. The idea for the 3 minutes, 40 seconds short is over two years old, but filming commitments delayed the start of the production to the beginning of this year.

The story and script were developed with producer Richard Barnett, and the task of designing over 70 characters, with beautifully designed costumes created by Sara Savelj, began to come together.

Ivor Novello-winning composer and friend, Daniel Pemberton was first to join the team. In between finishing Ridley Scott’s The Counselor and starting his new Hollywood feature, now well under way, Pemberton got behind the story and the film.

Rok commented: “We knew the music had a massive part to play, especially to help reiterate different moods and time periods throughout the piece and felt very fortunate to have Daniel on board”.

With a rich visual aesthetic, and a beautifully composed track in place, the team knew they needed a big performance from a commanding voice.

Jim Carter, stage, film and television actor, (National Theatre, Shakespeare in Love, The Singing Detective, Downtown Abbey) had a voice with just the right kind of timbre, elegance and warmth.

“It’s always so much fun watching someone with so much talent, doing their job,” said Rok. “[Jim] was just a joy to watch. He was acting out each sentence with so much commitment and understanding. We knew when he had finished recording that we had captured lightning in a bottle’.

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A team of animators came on board, including Will Thomas, Sam Cundall and Seni Soetan, as well as Rok himself.

Working in Cinema 4D, the team found that due to there being so many characters to get stuck into, there was ample opportunity to develop miniature narratives within each of the scenes.

Rok then had the task of compositing and pulling everything together, with numerous techniques put together in order to streamline the process.

Long time collaborators Jake Roberts and Barnaby Templer at Fonic Post Production put together a team of foley and voice artists to create all the vocalisations and the plethora of sounds needed for the film.

The balance was key to Fonics' sound design and beautifully measured audio mix, creating enough room for all the different audio elements to shine in their own right and do the job that they were designed to do.

“When Richard and I sat in on the final mix we were blown away,” said Predin.

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