Here's what Super Mario Bros. might look like as a modern game

Tech Hive US | 02 August 13

You might not have ever wondered what Super Mario Bros. would look like if it were made today, but YouTube user Deloix did.

Deloix created a pair of videos that depicts what the classic NES platformer might look like if it were created with modern day graphics and sound. Deloix's recreations of Levels 1-1 and 1-2 don't show a totally reimagined version of the game; instead, they depict a familiar looking game world, albeit one that's slightly more three-dimensional and has more realistic explosions and sound effects.

Watch them. Then watch them again. It might be enough to make you wish for a modern-day remake.

[YouTube (1, 2) via Laughing Squid]

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Chizler45 said: Frediew made it better

Lostcontrol said: Worst Mario ever :-((

Guest said: looks great. wish there was a remake!

Sensible Sam said: Mario HAS been remade as a modern game, dozens of time. And the results are beautiful tasteful 3D recreations of the classic with great art and very similar game play, why on earth would Nintendo or any company do this to their IP. This was a fun little demonstration of a 3D artist's skill with fluid and dynamics simulations but in no way demonstrates what the future of Mario games could have been like at all.I don't think its the artists intention however, its just this stupid website jumping on the oh god video games are so violent today band wagon. Interesting little art video, completely wrong context and dreadful ignorant minded article.

Tarik said: im guessing it would have been a copyright infringement to put Nintendo's actual Mario soundtrack?

Go fist yourself said: I'm guessing this was made for a bit of fun.... Lighten up internet people! Get your Mountain Dew drinking, Dorito breath, neckbeard selves outside and see the sunshine. You may find a smile somewhere over the hill!

rtuertu said: Eat a nipple, Uruguay

ur_f'in_mom said: This is terrible - sounds are off, no uniformity, camera shifting, humourless and it must have taken the creator quite a while to make... what a waste of time.

Soothsayer said: Compared to how much money is wasted on making these games; at least Nintendo's way of doing things is financially stable and not approaching Hollywood budgets.Expect a crash.

DM said: so the 2nd vid with the bombs is using the Quake grenade launcher sound?

klinf said: That was horrible. NSMB is what the modern 2D Mario is, and it's a lot of fun.

selion said: Go fuck yourself you neckbeard cunt

Guest said: Get bent, you pathetic piece of shit.

Jack gooner said: This shows how far behind Nintendo are, opting for 31 year old platformers while XBOX and PS have GTA V and TES online, which sounds like it took more effort and is more complex?

Guest said: This is fucking stupid. Have you not heard of Super Mario Bros Wii? Or Wii U? That's how the modern Mario is. Fucking morons.

Doug said: modern sucks if there is no music :P

bogus said: the Fun Box event thing Guild Wars 2 did was a great Mario retro type game