Kat Von D's face is the canvas for incredible, moving digital makeup

Discover how Wildbytes projection-mapped beautiful animated designs to transform the face of the tattoo artist live on stage.

Watch Kat Von D's performance above, and a making-of video below. Scroll down to read about how Wildbytes created Kat's digital makeup.

Digital Arts readers will be familiar with architectural light shows or installations that use projection mapping, but Wildbytes has developed the first-ever face projection mapping performance showcased at a live event, with real-time face tracking on stage.

Projected visual effects and digital makeup transformed the face of the tattoo artist Kat Von D before an audience in Madrid.

Wildbytes developed the blend of digital innovation and physical performance for a presentation by Sephora Spain for the launch of the makeup line Kat Von D Beauty.

The projector renders a 3D model of the performer on stage, and using a 5-camera head tracking system, it follows the face movements of the performer in real-time, at 240 frames per second.

This creates a second layer of ever-evolving visual effects that are overlaid on top of the skin, augmenting it in real-time.

Wildbytes described the performance as “a visually striking journey that immerses us in the process of artistic creation, from the essence and materiality of the drawing line to the lush of color and pigment, the power of geometry, the transcendence of a spark, the delicate beauty of butterflies or the timelessness of gold.”

A bespoke musical composition by Alicia Reyes was played live by a string quartet.

The score was synchronised with the video mapping, providing a rich and custom sound landscape that resonated with the visual imagery.

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