Mill+ brings ads-inspired art installation to life

Mill+ has posted a 'making of' film for its 2014 AICP Awards titles, which bring to life a quirky and colourful installation piece

Mill+ has posted a 'making of' for its visuals for the opening and category titles for the 2014 AICP Awards ,which bring to life an installation piece celebrating the the art and technique of the American commercial.

The Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) is an advertising industry trade association for companies that specialise in producing commercial content across various media – film, video and digital.

The annual awards show was the anchor event for AICP Week which included The Directors Lecture Series and the premiere of the AICP Show: The Art & Technique of the American Commercial at the Museum of Modern Art.

The behind the scenes video depicts the process taken by the Mill+ team, led by creative director Clarice Chin, who used a wealth of unusual objects placed in a clean setting to transform the concept 'a delicate balance' into a series of quirky and colourful sequences.

View more of the work by using the controls right and above

“It was important to make all our concepts relevant to each category,” said Chin. “We thoroughly considered the purpose, the venue and the AICP Awards themselves. We wanted to make sure the elements were fun, quirky and uplifting and that they all had a sense of humour.

“After looking at the details, we moved to the macro, looking at the actual sculpture as a whole and how it pieced together, said the creative director. “The whole concept was ‘a delicate balance’, so it was about ensuring all the components came together and had a sense of harmony, just like a concept does in great advertising, which is what AICP is all about."

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The team chose to physically build the components because there were certain qualities that could only be achieved through live-action shooting that were really important to the piece, like physical textures, subtle natural lighting and dust particles.

“We wanted to make it feel tactile and relatable,” said Clarice Chin.

“Finding the right production designer was key and Robin Banks totally suited the project,” said Chin.

“We felt had the right sensibility, when he puts things together they feel very raw, handmade and real but the overall piece feels very finished and like it could live in an actual space. We were able to browse his studio filled with his collection of quirky toys, objects and costumes."

"If we didn’t find the right piece in Robin’s studio, he’d go on the hunt for the perfect piece through a range of amazing places including amazing doll exhibits and junkyards, and search through eBay and art stores.”

“Some of the categories were a little more obscure visually, but we were always checking an object’s relevance,” said Chin. “A lot of the items had to be rigged so that they could move on set with some CG work in there."

"When it came to the installation, we only had a couple of days to put it up in the location which was a beautiful space in Venice Beach with amazing ceilings. It was exactly what I had in mind and everything came into place!”

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