MPC helps flying T-shirts find a home in CG-heavy Ikea spot

Get a behind-the-scenes look at MPC's VFX work creating a realistic CG flock of animated Ikea T-shirts.

The latest ad for Ikea uses a combination of CG by MPC and puppetry to create the adventures of a flock of t-shirts looking for a home.

The story follows a group of T-shirts as they go on an epic journey to find their home. After travelling in bird-like flocks across seas and mountains, they eventually come to rest in an Ilkea Pax wardrobe.

Watch MPC's making-of film above, and the full ad on YouTube.

MPC’s CG and 2D teams completed over 35 VFX shots in three weeks, including the creation and animation of the T-shirts and multiple location enhancements.

Making the CG T-shirts look 'alive' required puppetry skills from Jonny Sabbagh and Will Harper, a.k.a. Jonny & Will. The duo created flying t-shirt puppets and controls to make them flap their wings, which the MPC team filmed as a reference for the CGI animated versions. A rainstorm simulation was filmed to get the look of the garment flying through a storm.

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The MPC team also shot reference footage of the puppet T-shirts in fields and supplemented them with CG siblings.

The animators put in a lot of work to get the animated t-shirts to 'show emotion' and fly in realistic swarm formations.

Shot by Dougal Wilson at Blink Productions, multiple locations were used in the spot, including Scotland and Sweden. The soundtrack is Strength of an Empire, written by Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix.

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Watch the full spot on YouTube

Watch the full spot on YouTube