Not To Scale reveals design ideas behind 10th anniversary archive site

Production and animation studio collaborates with London's She Was Only to rebrand and relaunch shop-window site

Production and animation outfit Not To Scale has collaborated with London design studio She Was Only to redesign and relaunch a website featuring an archive of work in celebration of its 10th year anniversary.

The team at Not To Scale decided to give their content from throughout the last 10 years a new lease of life by creating a more modern, intelligent and visually engaging experience for their users and to showcase their directors.

New functions include a clever search filter for users to utilise efficiently when looking for a technique or category.

A case study area allows users behind the scenes to get a more in depth look into the creation right through to the production of some of Not To Scale’s projects.  

The result is a new shop window that shows off the full scope of Not To Scale’s breadth of work with some added visual tricks thrown in for good measure.

“We wanted the redesign to act as an extension to our brand and character, which has grown over the last 10 years into something that we are very proud of,” explained Not To Scale founder, executive producer and managing director, Dan O’Rourke.

There is a running theme of colours and typefaces that are used throughout the business that have been inspired by independent design and lifestyle magazines that we feel comes across in the new layout.

There was the same thought process when choosing the typography.

"With She Was Only’s expertise we were able to find a bold, stylish and approachable new font for our headlines in Hoefler & Co’s beautiful new serif Quarto," said O'Rourke.

"To accompany this, Mercury and Akkurat were chosen as together they make a rich typographic palette."

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“As an animation and design studio, the look, feel and efficacy of our website is paramount,” continued Dan O’Rourke.

"Agencies and brands turn to us to help them make films that inspire their audience and look great, and therefore it only stands to reason that the pride and attention that we apply to our own film production work is reflected in the first experience the user has with the Not To Scale brand.”

"We spent a long time researching sites that we felt were slick and simple and gathered a detailed brief of what we were hoping to achieve with the final re-design,"continued O’Rourke.

"Adding search functions, and faster ways for our clients to find the relevant work were key, whilst also finding a fresh way with the 'case studies' page to further explain the breadth of our offering."

"Making it much clearer to our clients that we have a proven ability to write creative ideas and see all of the production and post-production through to completion in-house at our three studios was also very important to us."

Another successful element is the case study showcase.

“We had a tessellated page before with different colours for each project,” said O’Rourke. “But I really like the way our web designers updated and evolved this and made it modern and fresh with an algorithm that selects colours from the actual film for the explanatory text box.”

“The algorithm selects the most prominent colour in the image for the background colour, then picks the most appropriate secondary colour, based on HSL values.” explained Craig Scott from She Was Only.

“It then chooses either white or black to accompany, depending on how dark the background colour is. As a result of this each film page has a completely different colour palette that compliments the film its showcasing. The wide range of colours also emphasis the broad range of Not To Scale’s portfolio.”

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“Not To Scale has three studios around the world and the new website reflects this,” said Craig Scott.

“The new homepage brings in ever changing projects, news and instagrams using a clever hashtag implemented in the back end from all three offices."

“It was important to us that the website felt alive when you are using it, so there are subtle animations throughout, which when combined with the video rollovers and dynamic colour palette, we think really help bring Not To Scale’s portfolio to life.”