Rushes reveals R-rated apocalypse for Honda

VFX and motion graphics teams create a dsytopian teaser for Honda’s R-Type Civic

Above is an electrifying teaser for Honda’s latest R-Type Civic has been produced through Kream for Karmarama and fully posted at Rushes.

Directed by Kirby McClure of Radical Friend, Disruption opens on the scene of a happy suburban family loading their car for a holiday trip.

The pleasant family narrative is disrupted in a shattering transition to an ‘R-Rated’ apocalyptic city featuring demon-eyed wolves, samurais and super humans.

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VFX Supervisor Leo Weston oversaw a multitude of effects for the spot, including neon lit set extensions of futuristic cityscapes, falling rain effects, exploding speed cameras, beauty work on female androids, plus adding their black android eyes, glowing wolf eyes, and creating an exploding CG crystal.

Destroyed by a samurai figure, the rotating black crystal was sculpted in ZBrush and shattered into hundreds of fragments using Houdini’s procedural modelling capabilities.

Although the crystal explosion was initially driven using a particle system, the need for creative control meant that the majority of the pieces ended up being hand animated.

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Rushes MGFX Studio handled the design and concept considerations involved in creating the dark and moody city that serve as the backdrop to the commercial.

Rushes set the futuristic city visualisations with director Kirby, before tracking and compositing it onto previously shot buildings. The team also worked on the creation of various stylised animations, used as graphical projections that were captured in camera.

Bespoke transitional effects using datamosh techniques were developed to help bolster the feel of a dystopian world.

"From a design perspective, every man had his own task and knew what he had to achieve," said Barry Corcoran of MGFX. "I believe that all our hard work really shines through and shows in the creation of this city! We are extremely happy with the end result.”

VFX Supervisor Leo Weston said it was one of his favourite jobs to work on: “Lots of post and lots of late nights, all made massively fun by such a great team of people."

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