Siggraph 2013: Cinema 4D R15 launched with better modelling, rendering and type tools

Digital Arts | 24 July 13

Maxon has used the Siggraph 2013 animation conference in Anaheim, California to launch Cinema 4D R15. The latest version of the popular 3D modelling, animation and rendering software includes faster rendering, better bevelling, enhanced typography and improved sculpting tools.

New features in the application include the Team Render module (below), which gives control over all surplus processing power in a network. a new irradiance caching algorithm has been added for faster approximation of Global Illumination, as well as improved ambient occlusion.

For modelling, an all-new interactive beveling tool offers improved manipulation and control over object edges and curves – which Maxon says results in clean, efficient meshes such as that above.

Improved typographic, text editing and control capabilities have been added to the MoText function, and text splines are now available for editing directly in the 3D view.

Improved dynamic sculpting tools include advanced masking, mirroring and duplication options, as well as the new Amplify brush to interactively inflate and use new draw modes to sculpt lines and areas defined by lasso, polygonal drawing or a rectangle.

Other workflow improvements include a powerful texture management tool to control texture links, a new grass material (as seen below), and a Camera Crane rig to simulate real-life Jib crane shots.

Cinema 4D R15 is availabie for both Mac and Windows. Maxon says it will ship in September. The company hasn't said if it will add some or all of the new features to the Cinema 4D Lite, which ships with After Effects CC.


Tim said: It's not a bad upgrade for general purpose use, but as a motion graphics guy, this is the third update in a row (13-15) that offers little or nothing new, except for the rendering improvements that help us all, and maybe the camera crane (IF we get it in Broadcast?). The only way I’m upgrading from 12 --and even that withheld some of the new Dynamics features from Broadcast users, and things Springs and Motors-- is if they bring several features from Studio into Broadcast. Namely Full Rigid and Soft Body Dynamics support (not just for MoGraph objects), and springs, hinges and motors at a minimum. Why would you leave that stuff out of a motion package... they're all predicated on simulating different kinds of motion! lolI feel like Maxon does not care about motion graphics users at all because of how they leave key features that are motion-centric, out of the Broadcast edition. They try to force you to get stuff you don’t need (hair, etc) by paying an extra $2000 for Studio, just to get the few items you DO need (that logically fit in the motion basket). Seriously considering a switch to Modo and their new motion plugin if they refine their workflow a bit more in 801. Better modeling tools, and less than half the price for full edition. Maxon needs to get with the program and stop nickel-and-diming everyone to death with which-features-go-in-which-versions.