Sky Cinema Oscar channel rebranded by FullScream

Motion graphics agency FullScream has created new idents for Sky's dedicated Oscar channel.

Motion graphics agency FullScream, which has just opened in London after a successful three years in Milan, has rebranded Sky Cinema Oscar, Sky's film channel dedicated to Oscar-winning movies.

Commissioned by Sky Cinema, FullScream was challenged with the task of creating new idents for the Sky Cinema Oscar channel, which will likely soon be showing brand-new Oscar winning films including Gravity, 12 Years a Slave and Disney's Frozen.

Watch the new Sky Cinema Oscar ident above, and use the slideshow controls above and right to find out more about the ident and how it was created, and see some wonderful concept images of the futuristic cars used in the ident.

"Our brief was to celebrate the artistic vision and craftsmanship of these films," FullScream has said. "We focused on the skill of film production, as well as the history of cinema."

Watching the ident will take you on a smooth, seamless and speedy journey through the history of cinema, from wooden theatres showing movies shot through a monochrome lens to a peek at what could be the future of cinema, holograms and flying cars included (right).

Right: As part of the Sky Cinema Oscar channel rebrand, FullScream created futuristic flying cars that star in the new ident.

Right: Concept art for the flying cars seen in the final version of the Sky Cinema Oscar channel ident.

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Right: Another of FullScream's futuristic car concept image showing the bottom of the vehicle.

Right: FullScream concept art.

Right: FullScream's concept art includes a futuristic bus.

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