This charming new BBC animated show aims to inspire kids about arts and science

... and you'll want to watch it for the character design, gags and Adam Buxton voiceover.

Messy Goes To Okido is a new BBC children’s animation with a rather fine creative pedigree, combining funny adventures with charming character design and a wish to inspire children about arts and science. Oh, and a voiceover by over-enunciating comedian and beard-wearer Adam Buxton .

The show was developed by Okido, a kids magazine that’s you could accurately describe as a magazine – a million levels above the 8 sheets of paper stuck to the back of a metric ton of plastic tat that fill up the kids section in WH Smith (though ironically, now that it’s a BBC show, we may see characters from the show included on CBeebies-themed plastic-fronted pamplets). It’s full of stories, games and information illustrated in a range of styles – and has a considered, informal approach to education.

The CHI programme’s central character, Messy Monster, began life hand-drawn by Okido co-founder Rachel Ortas. Accompanied by friends Zoe and Felix, they investigate the kind of things that intrigue the target audience of 2-5-year-olds (and parents, who likely have chosen to watch it due to fond memories of the Adam and Joe Show).

These including flying on butterflies or to the moon and shrinking to the size of atoms – or discovering where echoes and tummy rumbles come from.

Messy Goes To Okido was animated by digital agency Squint/Opera, which everything from storyboards to the final animation created in its base in Battersea.

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The show starts today at 4.20pm, so crank up iPlayer then (or later), and there are are 51 11-minute episodes to follow.

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