This Super-fun Papercut Animation is a TV Test Card for the Netflix generation

Watch Rebeka Molnar's charming animation for Czech TV channel CT2's online stream, and discover how it was created.

This animation by Rebeka Molnar is a wonderful mix of new and old – both in design and concept. Produced for Czech state TV channel CT2, it’s essentially a test card – graphics that used to run on TV channels when no programmes were being broadcast, back in the days before 24-hour television and channel-specific messages on Sky telling you that CBeebies won’t be back on til 6am.

In a modern twist though, this test card is for the channel's Internet broadcasts – to appear in those hours when CT2’s usual more-cerebral mix of documentaries, nature shows and films aren’t screening. The form used, however, is again in contrast to this. Rebeka is a stop-motion animator, and cut and built all of the elements from coloured paper.

The colours used reflect CT2’s identity – with muted shades of gold, blue and red that match the more serious tone of its content (in comparison to the mainstream CT1 channel). The theme for the animation is film – mixing traditional filmmaking iconography with many examples of the types of films shown on the channel from sci-fi and superhero to detective and heist movies.

The creative process for the animation saw Rebeka first creating line-drawing animation test.

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From here, Rebeka cut and glued each of the elements.

These were then individually hand-animated to become the final elements, with each frame captured in Dragon Stop Motion. The different animations were then composited in After Effects to create the final piece.