British sci-fi movie Robot Overlords stomps out to conquer cinemas

Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson star in Jon Wright's dystopian feature, with VFX by Nvizible.

British sci-fi film Robot Overlords hits the cinemas this week, with VFX by Nvizible.

Directed by Jon Wright, the £14 million ($21million) movie from Embankment Films is a home grown homage to the action adventure films of the 1980s.

The film is set in a ruined Britain of the future, following the invasion and occupation of Earth by a race of powerful robots.

 The beaten populace is electronically tagged, with robot sentries able to track the movements of humans in order to control them.

However in the ruins of a small town a group of kids, led by Sean Flynn (Callan McAuliffe), set out to join a resistance movement. 

Hot on their heels is their old teacher turned robot collaborator Mr Smythe, played by Sir Ben Kingsley, and his captive Kate (Gillian Anderson).

Robot Overlords was shot over nine weeks in Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.

As the sole VFX provider, Nvizible also employed previsualisation through Nvizage and used Ncam for virtual production.

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Ncam is a piece of specialist equipment enabling virtual production through real-time camera tracking, providing live previsualization of environments, set extensions and CGI elements directly in-camera while shooting.

The VFX work includes fully CG animated robots, flying vehicles, a Spitfire plane, environments and explosions, a castle fight sequence and the dramatic climax, involving the hero riding a giant CG robot spaceship.

The VFX were supervised by Nvizible Co-founder Paddy Eason, with Gil James and Simon Kenny producing.

"We are thrilled to be such a big part of this ambitious British film,” said Paddy Eason. "We have been involved in the development of the script, the design of the robot technology, the shoot - all the way to the end of post production. I’m very proud of what we have achieved."

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