Watch huge projection-mapped visuals on Battersea Power Station for Heineken's Jungle gig

Watch Projection Artworks' animations across the London landmark accompanied by band Jungle for the beer brand's promo event.

Projection Artworks created a series of projection-mapped visuals on Battersea Power Station for a promo event for Heineken, which featured a gig by band-of-the-moment Jungle – whose heavily 80s-influenced sound is somewhere between M83 and Prince.

The visuals kicked off with a whirl of spinning clocks, crackling plasma balls and digital fireworks – framed by the brand's green and set to a dubstep soundtrack. For Jungle's set this was replaced by booming speaker stacks, Heineken logos and the word London – in case we'd forgotten where we were (actually, I'm guessing, for use in Heineken's promo video based on the event, which is above).

This isn't the first project Projection Artworks has created for use on Battersea Power Station, having created visuals for events at the venue for Nike and Discovery Channel.

Battersea Power Station is currently being rebuilt – including full replacements for the iconic towers – to become a block of flats within a larger redevelopment.

Some watchers preferred to experience the visuals and band through their phones.

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Jungle played songs including Busy Earning, The Heat and Time.

Despite being new with a limited set, Jungle were accomplished performers.