Bagsies mix illustration and selfies for a much more fun take on self-portraits

Can a paper bag give you the ultimate selfie?

The selfie may often be seen as an expression of ego, but that may be because when – given the opportunity – most of us will want to show ourselves in the best possible light. As with older forms of self-portraiture, it's possible to show any range of characteristics and emotions – on purpose or unconsciously – but for most it's limited in what it reveals beyond what is real in that micro-second of capture (and perhaps some light photoshoppping).

In an attempt to mix other artforms into the selfie, 10 illustrators have put a paper bag on their head for photographer Jonathan Knowles. Usually associated with cruel attempts to hide the hideously ugly, instead here the humble paper bag acts as a canvas for the artists to reveal whatever portion of their inner nature they wish to reveal to us.

Each 'bagsie' is accompanied by a traditional photographic portrait of each subject

Illustrators taking part include long-time Digital Arts collaborator Lizzie Mary Cullen (shown here), Mike Reed, Matt C Stokes, Murray Sumerville, Oli Frape, Emma Russell, Stacy Knights, Emily Peacock, Nick Chaffe and Tash Willcocks.

The project has been curated by Emma Taylor of the Creative Advice Network and Soapbox & Sons' Jenny Theolin, who recently helped put together Comic Sans for Cancer.

The bagsies and photos will be on show at The Proud Archivist in East London from November 11-26.

Read on to see more of the shots.

Lizzie without the bag.

Murray Somerville

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Murray without the bag (and his top on).

Emma Russell

Emma without the bag.

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Emily Peacock

Emily without the bag.

Matt C Stokes

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Matt without the bag.

Mike Reed

Oli Frape

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Oli without the bag.

Stacey Knights

Another bagsie by Stacey Knights

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Another bagsie by Stacey Knights

Stacey without the bag.