Designer creates ghostly photographic art from panorama fails

Nicolas Damiens' experimental photography project Bug turns errors into an artform.

Panorama fails – where the iPhone's panorama mode fails to stitch the images it captures together correctly with horrible, creepy or funny results – are something that's happened to all of us, whether by accident or intentionally.

For graphic designer Nicolas Damiens though, it's a way to create ghostly photographic artworks. Shot in China, Nicolas' Bug project sees people (and mopeds) emerging from the air – or disappearing into it – like spectres or glitches in the matrix. There's a real sense of the impermenance of people in day-to-day life – and the excellent composition and Instagram feel means than they look much more like considered shots than panorama fails.

Nicolas Damiens is a freelance graphic designer who previously worked as an art diector for Marcel and Publicis.

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