The most beautiful photos of big rig trucks you've ever seen

Ulysse Fréchelin's photos from his book American Trucks show the sheen, colour and texture of crafted juggernauts.

These trucks are not your average Eddie Stobard lorries – they're as much icons of American design as muscle cars like the Pontiac Firebird and the Dodge Charger.

Swiss photographer Ulysse Fréchelin has framed and captured the care that has gone into the design and upkeep of these vehicles for his new book American Trucks, which is published by the MAD Gallery in Geneva.

Ulysee shot the trucks in Arizona, where the bright sun has brought out the radiant shine of their chrome and the alternately deep and vibrant colours of their bodywork. He's also got up close with their intricate details.

Image: Stainless Steel Woman

Image: Blue Back

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Image: Eight

Image: Walcott

Image: Evening Shine

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Image: Mirrored Clouds

Image: Goodyear

Image: The limited edition version of American Trucks is signed and numbered.

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