Otherworldly landscape photos created using household products

Luke Evans photographed these cold scenes on his kitchen table using flour, paint and throat medicine.

The Forge series of photographs by Luke Evans may look like alien or polar landscapes, but they were created in miniature on Luke's kitchen table.

Luke is in his final year of a graphic design and photography degree at Kingston University. While still at university, he has seen the photos chosen for an exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, which discovered Forge on the web.

Each of the shots is composed using items such as flour, paint, brick fragments and even glycerine throat medicine.

“This one (right) was actually made from a miniature fragment of brick while another image of a wave crashing against a different rock was formed using salt, a brick and shaving foam,” says Luke.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see more of Luke's Forge project.

Each was photographed using a tilt-shift technique to make them appear much larger than they are, but getting each shot right proved tricky for Luke working on his own.

“I was holding a cup of salt in my right hand to throw at the rock and, at the same time, waving fog over the set with my left hand so it was very difficult to do both and press the camera shutter all in sync,” he said. “It took weeks to get it just right and I must have taken 600 frames but I am delighted with the result because it is always fools people.

Right: A work from Forge next to how it was created on the table.

Luke says that he came up with the idea when he spilled flour when baking bread.

“I often see other things in objects such as faces or animals, and I’ve always wanted to explore this concept so when I spotted this Mars-like scene, I quickly snapped some photos on my phone and it all really started from there,” says Luke.

“Turning the images in my head into reality, however, was very tricky because the camera needed to be at a very specific angle. If it wasn’t in quite the right place my fingers, hand or even face could appear in the pictures which would totally distort the image.”

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Right: This sand dune was crafted from a sheet of paper, self-raising flour and dried leaf clippings.

Right: This might look like a giant outcrop of a rock, but it's a miniature fragment of brick.

Right: Luke used charcoal dust and heated glycerine to create this piece.

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Right: This piece was also created using charcoal dust and heated glycerine.