James Brown's solo exhibition presents fantastic information-based illustrative prints

Check out this fine selection of artwork from A World of Information by the London-based designer, illustrator and printmaker

James Brown, a designer, illustrator and printmaker living and working in London is expanding on his popular range of information prints with a solo exhibition, held at Stories in London.

A World of Information will showcase his ongoing Information Prints project, with some new designs showcasing the best of his distinctive mix of illustration and type with a retro influence. 

The work highlights how we categorise, name and try to understand the geography and science of the world in which we live.

Eight new large scale works will be exhibited, alongside the existing prints in the series.

Trained as a textile and surface print designer, Brown worked in the clothing industry for over 10 years, producing print designs for men’s and women's wear, but eventually embarked on a new career as an illustrator in 2007.

His mix of type and illustration have lead to poster commissions from clients such as The Poetry Society, The Bishopsgate Institute and Columbia Road Traders Association. Brown has also been commissioned by The Guardian, Faber, GQ, and has most recently designed a range of pump badges for Truman’s Brewery.

A limited run of all the works on display will be on sale at the exhibition, which runs until 23rd August

Image: Solstices and Equinoxes

Image: The Phases of the Moon

This single colour piece shows the moon as we see it from Earth, as it goes through a celestial path from New Moon to Waning Crescent.

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Image: The Beaufort Wind Force Scale

Using the scale devised by Sir Francis Beaufort in 1805, Brown illustrates the empirical way in which wind speed, wave height and sea conditions is measured.

Image: Alphabets