See the artwork up for grabs when MOO launched new flyers

Limited edition original artwork by Rob Lowe aka Supermundane given away completely free

Online print and design company has teamed up with graphic design artist, Rob Lowe, to create a unique set of flyers that are good enough to keep – with 600 limited edition signed prints being given away to the public for free in London and Boston.

The limited edition flyers, designed and signed by Rob Lowe – also known as Supermundane – were posted on brickwalls lining London’s Southbank, with passersby able to take them away free-of-charge. The remaining 600 will be available in the Boston Design Museum.

They have been created in celebration of the launch of flyers at MOO, which also offers business cards, minicards, letterhead, notecards and stickers.

Supermundane and MOO created a total of six designs, featuring stylised typography spelling out compliments such as ‘I think you’re splendid’ and ‘you’re spectacular’.

The themes expand on Lowe’s previous artworks, whose signature prints have been exhibited around the world.

A hundred of each design will be given away in total in the UK and the US. The images are available to share on MOO’s social media channels, and a final one-of-a-kind seventh flyer will also be available to win from MOO’s social media channels until this Friday, 8th August.

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Rob Lowe – also known as Supermundane