Discover what would happen if fonts had children

New sketches from Mr Cromso imagine the offspring of five pairs of familiar typefaces.

In a fun twist on typography, French type designer and art director Mr Cromso has come up with a new project that explores what would happen if fonts were able to reproduce.

The project, called The Original Mixtype, takes five pairs of typefaces and imagines their offspring in a series of stunning sketches.

"There are a lot of similarities between letters and humans," writes Mr Cromso on Behance. "They have different personalities and styles. Some letters are fat, others are thin. Like us, they can be regrouped in communities and families."

"What would happen if reproduction between letters from different families was possible," he asks.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see the five sketches in Mr Cromso's The Original Mixtype series.

Right: Mr Cromso imagines what Avant-Garde and Garamond's offspring would look like.

Right: A combination of Eurostile and Arno Pro.

Right: The result of mixing Bodoni with Din.

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Right: Mr Cromso imagines Cooper Black and Clarendon's child.

Right: Gotham mixes with Baskerville to create Gothamskerville.