Hand lettering artist Craig Black’s detailed brush strokes for a luxury wine brand

Glasgow design agency Thirst’s Craig Black creates a bold and youthful label for a small batch wine.

Glasgow design agency Thirst Craft specialises in the craft drinks industry, and its taken to designing the packaging of a small batch, West Coast American-inspired, luxury wine label.

Moses Lake Cellars is Thirst Craft’s exploration of creating its own premium wine brand, presented in a unique way. The idea is to showcase how a brand can work on the dinner table - tying together an eclectic range of wines.It's part of the agency's wider Studio Series - a series of projects where the agency explores new techniques and packaging designs.

Thirst Craft’s design is inspired by the contemporary nature of West Coast American wine packaging, often the style used to advertise New World wine. It takes a bold and youthful form whilst still carrying the luxurious qualities associated with wine.

The brand logo is hand lettering created in-house by Thirst Craft’s lead designer Craig Black, who used various brush stroke techniques to add beautiful texture and depth to the typography. Craig creates bespoke, handcrafted typography for clients around the world.

Craig chose to create the logo using brush strokes to give details, perhaps not obvious at first, but of which can be explored under closer observation.

"This is much like the experience of drinking wine. Its the small details that go into creating the wine, and its the small details when tasting it that make it special," he says.

"We had a desire to position a wine brand as progressive, forward thinking, with a little bit of attitude. With west coast American wine packaging been very contemporary, treating the label as a canvas, we wanted to express the brand through simple, bold, hand rendered typography."

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The paper stock is Manter Tintoretto Black Pepper Ultra WS 115 - a luxury label stock from Spain. It’s been double folded - white onto gold foil, and produced by IST Printing.

Thirst has worked for the Commonwealth Brewing Co, Fullers Brewery and iconic Scottish Loch Ness Brewery.

Craig is a Scottish graphic designer, lettering artist and typographer. After working in London at the start of his career, her runs Thirst from Glasgow. His strength lies in having no fixed personal style, but rather his use of cross disciplines.

Image: Thirst Craft

Image: Thirst Craft

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