Lettering artist Alison Carmichael on redesigning Madame Tussauds' logo

Alison worked with design practice SomeOne as part of its new "immersive" identity for the worldwide wax museums.

Hand lettering artist Alison Carmichael has been commissioned by London design practice SomeOne to freshen up the logo of global tourist attraction Madame Tussauds. The new logo is part of the more digital-focused rebrand of the wax figure house.

SomeOne had Alison look at the design of the script with a rather simple brief - to create an "evolution not a revolution" of the word mark. The new logo is essentially an update than starting a fresh new design.

The main focus was to create a logo that could be applied across all digital applications, working in line with SomeOne’s reconsidered BrandWorld - an entire operating system for the brand communications, from graphic to photographic assets, that can be used across all channels. SomeOne creative director Rich Rhodes says their BrandWorld is a "largely non-written, visual approach". 

"It needed to still feel like the old Madame Tussauds logo but just a more current version," says Alison. "The whole thing needed a refresh, simplifying the forms, a bit more weight and just streamlining so that it feels more up to date."

Paired with Alison’s refined logo is newly introduced typography for sharp statements rolled out in multiple languages, as well as photographic imagery by Sorted.

"One of the biggest opportunities was to better capture and deliver the wax figures in photography," says SomeOne founder Gary Holt.

For reference, this is the old Madame Tussauds logo. 

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The new vision for Madame Tussauds is to compete in a broader realm of entertainment experiences, including theme parks, museums, and immersive theatre. The rebrand will work to create this new identity through communications, advertising and experiences.

The core colour was evolved and extended, along with a "vast palette of sparkles" to work alongside the wax figures and typography.

With the Madame Tussauds refresh, SomeOne is working to implement campaigns in New York, Istanbul and London.

All of the work is hosted by SomeOne’s Brand Cloudiness system, which acts as a home for brand strategy - from logos to colours and typefaces - the online hub is accessible from any device.

Alison has worked with advertising agencies, design groups and branding consultants for around 20 years with clients including the BBC, Cadburys, M&S, Nike and Sony to name a few. She also creates window displays, embroidered lettering, body painting and exhibition signage.

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