Ludo Sans is a wonderful, animated, plasticine typeface

David Luepschen and Janina Sitzmann have stop-motion animated this font using plasticine, a knife and a lot of patience.

Ludo Sans is an experimental typeface created by director David Luepschen and art director/graphic designer Janina Sitzmann.

“I love to explore new ways of creating," says David, "and we had been talking for a while about wanting to do a project for the pure joy of creativity."

The project exists as a series of GIFs that show the typeface in motion – as colours flow within the letters in psychedelic fashion.

To create these, David and Janina created blocks of plasticine with the letters running all the way through them. They then cut off layers and shot each frame as they went.

This form of stop-motion animation is called the Strata Cut Method, and was created by German animator Oskar Fischinger in the 1920s.

“We both love the simple, raw quality of the Strata-Cut technique and wanted to work on something handmade.” says David.

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David is represented by Hornet.