Adobe Creative Cloud for video – IBC update explores UltraHD, HDR and touch

Adobe is updating Premiere Pro, After Effects and its other Creative Cloud video tools in time for IBC.

Adobe is taking a stand at IBC this week with a preview of the new video technology soon to be heading for Creative Cloud users.

In keeping with the move towards wider colour gamut and higher resolution across the film and broadcast industry, Premiere Pro offers native format support for editing 4K-to-8k footage and there are features to support high dynamic range (HDR) in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Another current theme is exploited with the introduction of a touch environment for Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC and Character Animator on Microsoft Surface Pro, Windows 8 tablets or Apple track pad devices.

There's also updated support for Creative Cloud Libraries across CC desktop video tools, powered by Adobe CreativeSync.  Assets, including images from Adobe Stock, instantly appear in After Effects and Premiere Pro.

There are also enhancements to Adobe Character Animator, sound tool Audition, colour helper Hue, Media Encoder, SpeedGrade and Prelude.

The new Creative Cloud updates will be available by the end of 2015.

The new update to Premiere Pro expands support for UltraHD and HDR formats to include DNxHR, HEVC (H.265), and OpenEXR.

Users will be able to edit and deliver video with resolutions up to and beyond 8K, with high dynamic range support to capture and preserve details like shadows and highlights.

With a supported external HD monitoring system, RAW camera formats and OpenEXR media, alongside the Dolby Vision mezzanine codec, can be edited and graded with much greater dynamic range than conventional video, by using HDR controls.

Adobe claimed new HDR scopes will also give editors precise feedback on their creative decisions.

Premiere Pro also lets you build up your edit with a new tactile approach, by providing touch support for Windows hybrid touch devices like the Microsoft Surface Pro, and improved gestural support using Apple Force Touch track pads.

Multi-touch in the Assembly workspace allows for pinch to zoom to make media clips big and easy to work with, then you can easily reorder them for storyboarding, play back and scrub right on the icons with your finger, tap to mark in and out points and drag straight to a sequence.

You can also drag to the Program Monitor, where a new overlay will appear to allow you to drop into different zones to perform various standard kinds of edit.

Apple Force Touch track pads allow haptic feedback when snapping and trimming in the timeline.

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Premiere Pro also adds GPU optimised Optical Flow Time Remapping 

This lets users get smooth slow motion and speed ramps even when you haven’t shot at ultra high frame rates, and will provide significantly improved frame-rate conversion, said Adobe.

The Lumetri Color settings you make in Premiere Pro carry over to After Effects. Keep pace with rapidly developing color workflows through deeper support for ARRI RAW, Rec. 2020, and other UltraHD and HDR formats.

After Effects also gets expanded support for touch-enabled computers and smaller screens to allow users to control After Effects workspaces with their fingers.

It's also possible to pan compositions while adjusting composition properties and without halting playback through Uninterrupted Preview, now with more playback control for material with long per-frame render times.

Improvements to Character Animator mean that when working on touchscreen displays, you can use multi-touch to simultaneously animate movements of different parts of a character, such as left and right arms.

Character Animator will also now be available in French, German and Japanese.

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You can adjust the duration of a song to match video content with Remix, a new feature in Audition CC.

Adobe said Remix automatically rearranges music to any duration while maintaining musicality and structure, creating custom tracks to fit storytelling needs

 Destination Publishing in Adobe Media Encoder, is a single action solution for rendering and delivering content to popular social platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Creative Cloud, now includes support for Facebook to easily showcase and promote social media projects and campaigns.