Watch this serene 'animated painting' music video

The music video for Koda's Angel by Morgan Beringer sees the musician's artworks stretching across time.

These beautiful motion graphics are the result of a creative collaboration between alternative musician Koda and London-based video artist Morgan Beringer.

For this piece, Angel, Morgan's process consisted of taking sequences of stills and stretching them across time via a variety of video-editing techniques. 

Koda's original artwork was used in addition to images of landscapes, skies, and oceans.

Morgan has created 64 abstract films that are concerned with the unexplored conceptual space between still/moving image. 

His work has featured at galleries, festivals, and events in over ten countries in both commercial and artistic contexts.

More of Koda's original artwork can be found on Instagram.

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Canvas prints of the artwork can be found at

More of Koda's music can be found at LA-based indie label Halfway House Records.