Portfolio: Alice Lickens

Illustrator and designer, London, UK

Sum yourself and your work up in 2-3 sentences.

Alice is a London-based freelance illustrator. She was one of the first illustrators from the UK to be chosen for the Sendak Fellowship and last autumn went to live and work at Maurice Sendak’s residence in Connecticut. She works in bright bold shapes digitally layering these with texture and colour.

Where did you train and what did you specialise in?

Illustration and Animation at Kingston University, specialising in illustration. 

What are your favourite tools?

My Berol handwriting pen and a Wacom tablet.

What techniques do you use most?

I’ve built up a library of textures that I use in Photoshop to soften my work.

What’s your favourite piece you've created?

At the moment it’s Can You Dance To The Boogaloo, my first picture book, but favourite projects change very quickly, it’s always the next one I’m working on.

What kinds of materials do you work with?

Ink, paper, pencil and Photoshop. 

What computer packages do you use?

Adobe Creative Suite. 

Which clients have you worked for, and where have you exhibited your work?

I’ve worked for a wide range of clients including Random House, the Design Museum, Pavilion Books,  Walker Books, Portico Books, Ivy Press, Flamingo Magazine,  House of Illustration, the Hayward Gallery, the British Library, The Cheese Society, The London Comedy Film Festival, Oh Comely magazine, and The University of the Arts London. My work has also been exhibited at the Hayward Gallery’s Pick Me Up show, and The Mall Galleries.

What inspires you?

A good story and a blank sheet of paper. 

What are your favourite websites and blogs?

Grain Edit, Creative Review, and It’s Nice That. 

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