Portfolio: Bence Bilekov

Thia multidisciplinary creative works across branding, graphic and web design, moving image and photography.

Where did you train, and what did you specialise in?

I studied Motion Graphics at Ravensbourne, London.

What’s your favourite tool?

My brain. It can come up with crazy ideas and knows how to structure, organise and simplify them to solve complex problems. It’s a wonderful thing.

What kinds of materials do you work with?

My design work is primarily digital, but I strive to create things that can take an exciting physical form.

Who are your dream clients?

Ones that fully trust my judgement. They’re not afraid of radically new things. They understand the importance of my work, and are willing to invest in it.

What inspires you?

Nature, visual arts and the opera. I also love going out with my camera.

While at Ravensbourne, Bence was given a mock brief to create a new face for the Saatchi Gallery in London that reflects its progressive, contemporary spirit

Bence also designed series of posters.

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