Portfolio: Bratislav Milenkovic

Freelance illustrator, Belgrade, Serbia

Bratislav Milenkovic is an illustrator from Serbia. Here, he shares his portfolio and tells us about his approach, his inspirations and his dream commission.

What are your favourite tools?

My Wacom tablet and iMac combination is pretty much all I need.

What techniques do you use most?

I always begin sketching digitally with basic and flat shapes in Illustrator. Then, I start shading and texturing in Photoshop. Illustrator provides the flexibility and precision while Photoshop combined with my tablet gives enough room for manual work and final touches.

Which clients have you worked for?

So far I've been lucky enough to work with clients such as The New York Times, Financial Times, Wired, The New Republic and Museum of Contemporary Arts Belgrade.

Where have you exhibited your work?

So far I've mostly exhibited in Serbia, with a few shows across Europe. But, there are some big plans for the upcoming year!

What has inspired you most recently?

At the moment, I think the biggest motivation and inspiration comes from the entire illustration industry. Seeing so much great work around simply makes you want to join the crew.

What are you working on now?

I'm currently working on a commissioned set of illustrative letters.

What's your dream commission?

Anything that has something to do with the music industry, I guess. But also a series of book covers seems like it would be lots of fun.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see more of Bratislav's portfolio.

Cover illustration for Bulletin Magazine, Art Direction – Carrie Bremner

Cabinet of Curiosities

Personal illustration, part of the “Letters” series

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Personal illustration, part of the “Letters” series

Illustration for a limited edition, silk-screen printed, Sideeffects poster collection

13m high mural produced for Nelt, the biggest Serbian logistics company

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Cover illustration for Swedish design magazine Cap&Design, Art Direction – Johan Blomgren