Portfolio: Edwin Servaas

The artwork of this Curaçao-based illustrator, originally from Amsterdam, is bursting with colour and his love of music

Illustrator and designer Edwin Servaas (self-portrait pictured) has of late been based in Curaçao but originally comes from north of Amsterdam.

His fresh original style is influenced by a fascination with past decades, ranging from early 60s post-war styles before the hippy-boom all the way up to late 70’s punk aesthetics

Professionally he’s worked with the likes of Heineken, KIA, Fox and HP, but Edwin says he loves making art and does it all the time, even when not working for a client directly.

Digital Arts: Sum up your style in 5 words.

Edwin Servaas: "Retro, dirty, grungy, psychedelic meets punk"

“Jude” - personal artwork inspired by a sense of new found freedom and possibilities

DA: What's been your favourite artwork that you've created, and why do you feel this?

ES: "I try to make sure my latest piece is always my favourite, but Jude (pictured) is one of my favourites of late because it encapsules the elements I enjoy incorporating in my work very well.

"It’s retro, feels quick and dirty, fits with the song it was inspired by and has a clear focus. It isn’t, but it feels like it could be iconic."

"Just having some fun, attempting to make a high-energy typography based visual"

DA: Why do your clients  choose you?

ES: "I have a fairly unique aesthetic approach to both my illustrative as well as my design work.

"Combined with large agency experience with big name clients and a few years working as a studio chief, this allows me to work both in a professional as well as creative way."

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Artwork for LA-based producer Panic City, for whom Servaas has also done the branding. "His whole branding is built around space travel."

DA: What is your biggest influence and why?

ES: "The cultural boom and sense of opportunism from the 50s, 60s and early 70s, the (pop)art, architecture and music.

"I love that period's sense of creativity, invention, evolution and ability to put things into perspective."

Artwork for LA-based musician Esbe. "His latest album has a very relaxed feelgood vibe. The artwork combines a nuclear doomsday scenario with a flowery twist."

DA: What's the first thing you do when you start a project?

ES: "Put on some music"

" I tried to create a single image communicating 'why can’t we all just get along?'”

DA: What are your favourite creative tools/software and what do they bring to your work?

ES: "I work with most of the Adobe CC software, but my favourite is Photoshop. It feels most natural in my illustrative style."

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Girl - inspired by Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by The Beatles

DA: What's the one thing you couldn't live without as an artist?

ES: "Music, without a doubt

E"ver since I started doing art I’ve always fantasised about visualising The Beatles’ epic Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

"It might not show, but I think I started work on this piece (pictured) about five years ago and worked on it off and on until I was happy enough with it to release it earlier this year."

Someone: personal artwork inspired by music of The Beatles

DA: What music do you like to work to (and why)?

ES: "Music from the 50s through the 60s, all the way up to the late 70s. Ranging from pop & rock to punk. I’m obsessed with the Beatles.

"This personal artwork was inspired by The Beatles’ If I Needed Someone,

"It was made at a time when we keep reading about the risks of artificial intelligence in the news.

"I made a making-of timelapse video of the process. (see it here) It’s pretty representative of my usual process."

One of a series of four typographic posters inspired by lyrics by The Who.

DA: Are there any projects you'd rather forget about?

ES: "Every designer has some projects that he was very excited about, but got killed in the process and never made it to the public.

"All the energy and excitement that’s put into those kinds of projects is positive energy that can never really be released.

DA: What are you working on right now?

ES: "I’m about to start work on album artwork for a very cool London-based band.

"They produce a kind of rock & roll music that isn’t heard much anymore these days, really awesome."

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"I like to imagine that if you had asked Sid Vicious to make a psychedelic poster, this is something that he might have made"

DA: Where would you like to take your work/style in the future?

ES: "I’m happy floating between psychedelics and punk in terms of style.

"I just want to keep getting better and make increasingly cool stuff for increasingly cool clients."

Cover design for NY-based Codes’ album, going for a typographic bouncy feel combined with a 90s house-vibe

DA: Where can we see your work – online and elsewhere?

ES: "Instagram and Facebook."