Portfolio: Esra Røise

Illustrator, Oslo, Norway

Norwegian illustrator Esra Røise works mainly with pencils, watercolours and ink on paper. She says she enjoys the juxtaposition of analogue and digital combined saying that although she tries to always maintain an analogue starting point, most of her works are a combination of the two. 

Where did you train?

I spent two years at Einar Granum Scool of Art, Oslo, Norway. I recently finished a BA in Visual Communication at the Academy of The Arts in Oslo.

What's your favourite tool?

Graphite pencils and watercolour. I like the preciseness of the pencil and the unpredictability and possibilities of watercolour and ink.

What techniques to do you use most?

I've always been drawn to naturalistic pencil drawings, and it's what I enjoy most. That, and inkblots.

What has been your favourite piece you've created?

It changes daily, but one of my favourites is a rather old personal piece called Happy People Never Fantasize. It could be because of the time it was made –  I was just starting out as an illustrator – but I also like the expression of the model's face. I think it looks like she's keeping this great secret, and I also think she looks really happy – which inspired the title of the piece.

What kinds of materials do you work with?

Pencil, watercolour, ink, coloured pencils and paper.

What computer packages do you use?


Which clients have you worked for? 

These have included Vogue (China), Wallpaper*, Levi's, Nike, Nylon, Vice, GQ, United Airlines and Volkswagen. 

What inspires you?

I can find inspiration anywhere, really. In music, the fashion industry, typography, people around me, photography, faces, the internet, art and nature, everyday life and in imperfections. But it can also be as abstract as just a certain feeling or mood. 

Favourite websites / blogs? (you don't have to put DA :)

Ha ha, well except from DA, I'm a big fan of www.reddit.com, where I can spend all day basically. And also Pinterest, where my endless browsing finally feels like it serves a purpose. I also have a long list of blogs I check in on a daily basis, including butdoesitfloat.comhedislimane.com/diary and stopitrightnow.com.

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