Portfolio: Iain Macarthur

Illustrator, London

Iain Macarthur is a tea addict who enjoys creating intricate images that are either cartoon drawings or realistic portraits. All his works have a unique touch of decorative elements added to them.

Where did you train and what did you specialise in?

In 2008, I graduated from Swindon College with an HND in Illustration. 

What are your favourite tools

I enjoy using the pen a lot in my art, as it feels more comfortable to use compared to using a pencil. I also like the feel of shading with a pen, although I sometimes do like to switch to a pencil.

What techniques and approaches do you use most?

I like having a lot of patterns in my pencil-drawn portraits, which I guess you could say is my favourite technique, and incorporate it into parts of the piece, so it looks like it’s trying to break out of the portrait in an organic way. I really like using this effect, as it makes the image more unusual to look at.

What kinds of craft materials/tech do you work with?

Photoshop CS5.

What has been your favourite piece you've created?

This would be my wolf face design. I love drawing symmetrical images, though they can be difficult to draw. I also like it because of the intricate patterns that are merged into the design, but still you can easily recognise it as a wolf face.

Which clients have you worked for?

I’ve had a wide range of clients, including Nike, Front magazine, NASS festival, Animal clothing, Rook clothing [see Indian Goddess] and Be Street magazine.

Where have you exhibited your work?

My work has appeared in several group exhibitions in London, including Panic 2 and 3. I’ve also had a solo internet exhibition on Phone Booth Gallery.

What has inspired you most recently?

Nature, birds, street art, cartoons, and all sorts of patterns from around the world.

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