Portfolio: Marcin Owczarek

Marcin Owczarek is a fine art photographer based in Belgium.

Don Quixote

Marcin Owczarek is a fine art photographer in Belgium, creating surrealist work based on human condition.

His artworks are a mix of photography, painting and traditional collage, working in Photoshop to create a digital collage.

We asked Marcin to share some of his ideas and influences, as well as some of his fascinating artwork.

DA: Why do your clients choose you?

MO: "Because of the unique style, high intellectual and visual values of my art. Perfection achieved in details."

DA:Who or what is your biggest influence and why?

MO:"Daily life. Life writes the best scenarios."

The Last Fish on Earth

DA: What's the first thing you do when you start a project?

MO: "I start with an idea, an important reflection. Then I make a sketch of the potential project I want to generate."

"In the meantime I read a lot on topics like anthropology and sociology, to collect as much information about the issues I'm working upon."

DA: What's the one thing you couldn't live without as an artist?

MO: "Freedom of creation: the ability to conduct my own, independent projects."

GMO Shepherd

DA: What are your favourite tools?

MO: "The Polygonal Lasso tool in Photoshop – the basis on my art is collage. I need and like to cut out particular elements to create coherent work."

DA: What music do you like to work to?

MO: "Ambient music. It does not disturb my thoughts."

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Empires Live, Empires Die

DA: What's been your favourite artwork that you've created?

MO: "Honestly, I have no one favourite artwork. I pay the same amount of energy and attention to all of them. All of them are important to me in the same way."

DA: What's the project you'd rather forget about?

MO: "There is no such project. All of them are deeply deliberated and studied before showing to the audience."

Paradise Lost

DA: What has been inspiring you most recently?

MO: "The expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Paradise mentioned in the Book of Genesis. My new project Paradise Lost, which binds the 'fallen past' with the 21st century."

Ship Of Fools

DA: Where would you like to take your work in the future?

MO: "I want to go back to the origins of photography, exploring analogue methods used in the 19th century."

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DA: Apart from in this article and on your site, where can we see your work?

MO: "You can visit the galleries I work with: ART14 Gallery in Belgium and ARTCO Galerie in Germany."