Portfolio: Marcin Owczarek

Marcin Owczarek is a fine art photographer based in Belgium.

Marcin Owczarek is a fine art photographer in Belgium, creating surrealist work based on human condition.

His artworks are a mix of photography, painting and traditional collage, working in Photoshop to create a digital collage.

We asked Marcin to share some of his ideas and influences, as well as some of his fascinating artwork.

DA: Why do your clients choose you?

MO: "Because of the unique style, high intellectual and visual values of my art. Perfection achieved in details."

DA:Who or what is your biggest influence and why?

MO:"Daily life. Life writes the best scenarios."

DA: What's the first thing you do when you start a project?

MO: "I start with an idea, an important reflection. Then I make a sketch of the potential project I want to generate."

"In the meantime I read a lot on topics like anthropology and sociology, to collect as much information about the issues I'm working upon."

DA: What's the one thing you couldn't live without as an artist?

MO: "Freedom of creation: the ability to conduct my own, independent projects."

DA: What are your favourite tools?

MO: "The Polygonal Lasso tool in Photoshop – the basis on my art is collage. I need and like to cut out particular elements to create coherent work."

DA: What music do you like to work to?

MO: "Ambient music. It does not disturb my thoughts."

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DA: What's been your favourite artwork that you've created?

MO: "Honestly, I have no one favourite artwork. I pay the same amount of energy and attention to all of them. All of them are important to me in the same way."

DA: What's the project you'd rather forget about?

MO: "There is no such project. All of them are deeply deliberated and studied before showing to the audience."

DA: What has been inspiring you most recently?

MO: "The expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Paradise mentioned in the Book of Genesis. My new project Paradise Lost, which binds the 'fallen past' with the 21st century."

DA: Where would you like to take your work in the future?

MO: "I want to go back to the origins of photography, exploring analogue methods used in the 19th century."

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DA: Apart from in this article and on your site, where can we see your work?

MO: "You can visit the galleries I work with: ART14 Gallery in Belgium and ARTCO Galerie in Germany."