Portfolio: Pierre Kiandjan

The French artist balances geometry and chaos, flat colour and grunge, to create wonderfully imperfect works.


Pierre Kiandjan is a 27-year-old self-taught graphic designer from Paris, France. 

DA: Sum up your style or approach in 5 words

PK: "Illusions of motion and temperature."

DA: Who is your biggest influence?

PK: "Any designer that contributes to optic art to a full extent may influence my work. Nowadays our eyes are so harassed that it’s always good to oxygenate them with abstract art; the point of abstract art is to break symbolism, it’s an infinite way of expressing yourself so it often brings new aesthetics to us.

"I think that we need more freshness. Most of my influence is there."


DA: What's the first thing you do when you receive a brief?

PK: "I’m looking for the best designs that have already been made in the same realm. It often helps me to understand a brief."

DA: Tell us a bit about your creative process

PK: "Even if my work seems complicated, it always begins with really simple things: some nice mixes between patterns and colors. Then I remix them in many ways and I look for the best result."

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DA: What's the one thing you couldn't live without as an artist?

PK: "Watching movies."

DA: What music to you like to work to?

PK: "Listening to the French radio station Radio Nova by night is one great way to find the best mood. But if I have to recommend one track that’s always good to listen, it would be Untitled #1 by Chilean artist Ocelote Rojo."

DA: What's been your favourite work that you've created, and why?

PK: "I don’t think that I have created it yet. However, if I had to mention some, it would be Color Eight (previous work) and Bio Sun (shown here)."

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DA: What's the project you'd rather forget about?

PK: "Even the worst ones have taught me something. So I wouldn’t forget any of them."

DA: Who's the artist working today you admire most?

PK: "The choice is difficult. I’d say Andy Gilmore or Matthias Heiderich."

DA: What's inspiring you most recently?

PK: "`L'Incal, a comic book written by Alexandro Jodorowsky and partly illustrated by Mœbius. And a movie: Snowpiercer, one of the best ways to make films with up-to-date technology."

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DA: Where would you like to take your work in the future?

PK: "If I’m asked to make music records artworks, I have got some ideas ready for it."