Portfolio: Raphaël Vicenzi

Raphaël Vicenzi, aka My Dead Pony, is an illustrator based in Brussels, Belgium, represented by Colagene.

Raphaël Vicenzi, aka My Dead Pony, is an illustrator based in Brussels, Belgium, represented by Colagene. Here, he shares his portfolio with Digital Arts, which is inspired by fashion illustration, hand-drawn typography, street art and personal experiences.

Where did you train?

I am mostly self-taught. I learned the tools of the trade the hard way and I was lucky to find my way around Photoshop and keep going from there.

What kinds of materials and technology do you work with?

I use Photoshop and a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet. I also use a lot of hand-made textures made from watercolours, paint and markers, for example, which I then combine in Photoshop.

What techniques and approaches do you use most?

Drawing and painting in Photoshop, adding textures, using layer masks layer modes and gradients. Nothing too complicated. For commission work it's easier to follow a brief and build the illustration from there, but for personal work I sometimes get an idea that I am eager to try out. It doesn't always work but I learn something from the failed attempt!

What's been your favourite piece you've created and why?

It's hard to say, but for the moment, I like the piece called "Unsolicited patterns and various mishaps" because I used vivid colours in the background for a change.

What clients have you worked for?

Votre beauté, Marie-Claire, Brizo, Sunglass hut, Style.com and more.

Who and what are your biggest influences?

So many people have influenced me over the years, from Tom Bagshaw, Daniel Egneus, David Downton, Bansky, Chloe Early and so on…

What has inspired you most recently?

Watersnakes by Tony Sandoval is an awesome comic book. I deeply loved the story and the illustrations are fantastic.

What are you working on now?

I'm doing the same kind of illustrations as I've done before, but in secret, I'm trying out different styles like fake book covers or collages. I'm not really confident with them for the moment, though.

What's your dream commission?

Doing more commissions for the fashion industry would be great.

You want me to disappear but I am already gone - on taking actions and keeping your strength before someone else does it for you.

Ghost Harbour - Inspired by my readings about ghosts and spirit attachments.

I am the sun and I provide for all my children - I'm not sure where this came from. Perhaps it was unconsciously influenced by the band called The Swans.

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Kokoshnick/Let's start a revolution - inspired by a Russian head-dress and the need to start a revolution.

Let's play hide & seek with the universe- on the impossibility of running away from the universe despite trying to hide somewhere.

Society is a modern ghost - no society is ever eternal, they come and go.

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Unsolicited patterns and various mishaps - it's a playful illustration born out of trying out a coloured background.