Portfolio: Robert Marshall

Illustrator, Newcastle, UK

Robert Marshall describes himself as imaginative with "a surreal, dark sense of humour that hopefully comes through in my work. I really enjoy putting a narrative into my pieces, giving them a deeper level and meaning, while still being striking images."

Where did you train and what did you specialise in?

Illustration at the University of Cumbria.

What's your favourite tool?

My scanner, as it’s a great tool for experimenting with and capturing colours or textures.

What techniques to do you use most?

I like to think of my current style as ‘digital collage’, so my most-used tools are Photoshop’s Pen tool and Clipping Masks.

What’s your favourite piece you've created?

My favourite piece has to be Porn Monsters since it ended up being completely different to what I initially started. I really enjoyed the process of making it and I think it’s a fun, if slightly weird, piece. 

What kinds of materials do you work with?

Newsprint, diffuser, ink and found textures.

What (if any) computer packages do you use?

Photoshop and Illustrator. 

Which clients have you worked for?

I’ve worked on branding for the Muckle Toon Adventure Festival, and Feet First Productions promoting its films.  

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by strangeness, and work that’s visually striking but also has to be studied. I also enjoy observing how everyday occurrences happen and how they can be recreated in an illustration or manipulated. 

Favourite websites / blogs?

Illustrator, Matthew Lyons; Trend List; and illustrator, Victo Ngai

Editorial illustration capturing the idea of using debt, to take the power away from the banking system 

I originally envisaged Porn Monsters as an editorial piece on the changing face of pornography; however, it turned into something completely different

Book illustrations for Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World 

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Book illustrations for Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World 

Cover illustration for an independent magazine looking at the economy. It’s called Farewell Pundas  

Poster for a short film called Meander, which looks at escapism and self-discovery 

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Illustration for an article on MF DOOM. 

Binding design for Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep.